Our Training Academy

Our Induction

We invite all new employees to join us for an induction course, where we provide excellent and in-depth training to make sure you’re able to sell confidently when you start in store.

The induction takes place at one of our head offices in either Alfreton or Exeter. We’ll also provide you with lunch and endless amounts of tea and coffee, as well as accommodation if travelling is an issue.

You can expect:

  • Regulatory based training relating to General Condition 23
  • Training on our products and services, including Gadget Helpline and Mobile Phone Insurance
  • Compliance training in relation to the completion of sales documentation

When you return to store you will have access to the learning academy which provides you with unlimited access to online training material relevant to your role.

But it doesn’t stop there! We provide all of our employees, new and existing, with ongoing weekly training to make sure that everybody is up to date with any changes that occur in the everchanging world of technology.